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Sometimes lying in my bed I start to think, where does our species really come from? Is there a god? We evolved through panspermia? If the universe was created from a Big Bang that existed before the Big Bang? Where is god in all of these? If you analyze the well-detailed biblical texts practically the celestial beings that come from heaven sound like beings from another world, that is, extraterrestrial. Now this raises another question, were we visited in the past by alien beings or are we ourselves aliens who conquered the earth and made our ancestry believe that we came through a creator or through evolution.

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I wanted to share this whole question that torments my brain to have a pleasant conversation with you, so which question do you choose.


Hola @ruzmaira , no voy a elegir , voy a dar mi opinión en tus preguntas .
En relación a si hay un DIOS y obviamente nuestra especie viene de su creación es un tema tanto religioso como científico , cada persona lo enfoca de acuerdo a su criterio , yo creo en DIOS y su creación que somos nosotros , creados a su imagen y semejanza .
Ahora veamos , el universo es muy vasto , así que no somos los únicos en este mundo , es lo que pienso , dicen que los extraterrestres vendrán a destruir a los humanos , pero nosotros mismos nos destruimos , así que ya estamos haciendo el trabajo , por lo tanto , los extraterrestres se enfocan en que avancemos tecnológicamente , osea nos ayuda , no nos destruyen , mira la forma en que la tecnología avanza , somos el experimento bien , bien realizado de ellos , es mi humilde opinión .
Te deseo un feliz inicio de semana

You agree that we were created by supreme beings with the ability to create life. Some historians think that our race was created by Enki according to Sumerian history.
Regarding technological advances, I do think that we are receiving help, because if our ancestor could not advance technologically in millennia, because our generation could.

With all the limitations of us humans, I believe that we were created by the infinite. I have not found any other theory that convinces me other than that man and all things were created by other than him who is infinite

When you refer to infinity, your word is directed to infinite space? As I have spoken with my friends on multiple occasions, I am convinced that we were created by beings with the ability to create life because obviously nothing can be created from nothing.

The Most Infinite I mean by having unlimited abilities including creating, maintaining and destroying it. The infinite has super abilities above super, not like nature (humans, animals, planets, stars, sun, and objects) which is limited.

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