STEM Saturday Post Promotion #34: Filling the promoted page with STEM content

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For week #34 of STEM Saturday, we have another new contributor. Welcome back with your updated Steem account, @ruzmaira02!

This week I decided to handle things differently, because use of the /promoted page has dwindled after SBD printing paused. Prices are low, and we don't have much competition for the top of the page. So... I went back to the idea expressed in [Experiment] Decentralized Steem Showcase and used the page to showcase four of our community's contributions to the Steem blockchain during the week. Promoted posts were from @carlos84, @sarahjay01, @jorgebgt, and @ruzmaira02.

If you are a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics enthusiast, please consider following these accounts.

Welcome to our 34th STEM Saturday post promotion on the Steem blockchain. In celebration of the occasion, I have once again promoted the Popular STEM community to the top of the /promoted list.

Pixabay image of a billboard

Pixabay license from StockSnap at source.

This marks the thirty-fourth consecutive Saturday that our community has held the top of the /promoted page.

As previously announced, the promoted post(s) will be pinned in our community, and will remain pinned until payout time or until dropping out of the top-2 promoted posts for our community.

Because there are more than 2, the posts should periodically rotate in and out of the pinned slots.

The Post

This week, since there wasn't much competition for the top of the page, I promoted four posts. Now we have a STEM Saturday /promoted page that's entirely dedicated to STEM topics. The posts were:

As with prior weeks, all posts were passed through three separate online plagiarism checks before promotion.

Here are the posts at the top of /promoted:

Steem blockchain, promoted posts for "STEM Saturday #34", January 14, 2023

Promotion Cost

In order to promote these posts, I burned 0.08 SBD (equivalent to about 1/2 STEEM) by sending it to @null with the memo field set to: @[ACCOUNT]/[PERMLINK].

Steem blockchain, STEM Saturday burned SBD transaction history, January 14, 2023

The Community

The Popular STEM community is intended to be a place for accessible STEM conversations (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). If you have an interest in STEM topics, please come join us!

About STEM Saturday

If members would like to have your own STEM content considered for future promotions, please come join us and start contributing. I don't know how long I'll be continuing the tradition, but while I do, here are the minimum requirements for consideration (subject to change without notice ;-).

  1. Original, plagiarism-free content
  2. Minimum word count: currently 300 words, but this may be adjusted.
  3. The content must not be cross-posted on other web sites or blockchains. Correct use of the #steemexclusive tag is encouraged.
  4. English language. (sorry, it's the only one I know)
  5. Because a post leaves /promoted at payout time, posts created shortly before STEM Saturday may be more likely to be chosen than older posts.

All community members are invited to create original and exclusive content that can be considered for future promotions.

Please help grow the science & technology audience on the Steem blockchain by following the Science and Technology on the Social Blockchain Facebook page then liking & sharing our links!


Pixabay license, source


Visit the /promoted page and #burnsteem25 to support the inflation-fighters who are helping to enable decentralized regulation of Steem token supply growth.


All great articles, very important content and very diverse, for me an honor for the mention, congratulations to the whole community. Best regards.

Thanks Steve for naming me in the top 4 posts of the week, I really appreciate it. 💕

 11 months ago 

You're welcome, and thank you for contributing here!

Well there wasn't much competition this time, as you say, so congratulations to the 4 mentioned

Welcome to the community @ruzmaira02! I already read your entry about the James Webb and I loved it.

I hope we can exchange knowledge in this platform.

Thanks, I'm glad to be back after a year away.

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