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RE: The sad story of a female humpback whale that traveled nearly 5,000 kilometers with a broken spine [VIDEO]

in Popular STEM2 years ago

How sad that they can't even put an end to her suffering.

It's amazing that she managed to swim so far in that condition. Makes me wonder what drove her to do it. Some kind of instinctive mandate, or does she have a deeper understanding? It seems like a lot of people in a similar situation would have given up.

On a positive note, I see that the humpback whale population has recovered from 5,000 in the 1960s to 135,000. I wonder if there's any chance of recovery for the northern right whales...


Yeah I thought so too. Eventhou the story is tragic, it is inspiring.

Whales are complex mammals, but I don't think they "understand" as we do. Maybe that's the reason they don't give up like most of humans do.

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