Top-20 things that are ruining science

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The other day, I saw an article with a headline that something or other is ruining science. I already forget what the object of the author's fear was, but I was pretty sure I remembered seeing other similar headlines . I thought it would be interesting to see how often that particular trope is used on the Internet and what the perceived threats are.


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So, this evening just for fun I thought I'd do a quick post on the topic. I went out to PreSearch and ran a search for the following string (including quotes):

"(is OR are) ruining science"

Sure enough, I got back seven pages of hits going back for a number of years. Google gives back 10,400 results, but I normally don't use their search results. For your enjoyment, here are the top-20 things from PreSearch that are currently in the process of ruining science.

Capitalism and media FTW!

What do you think? Are any/all of these really ruining science?

Update: Just for fun, I put up a related survey using SteemPoll from @starlord28

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I don't think anything is ruined yet.
My first thought pointed in the direction of the media or fake publishers. But from my point of view, this only concerns the pupular science. Research-based science can control and verify itself very well. As long as the system works, nothing is ruined. The problem lies more in preparing scientific findings in such a way that a broad mass of people can understand them.

BTW: The use of SteemPoll was a good idea and brought the dApp back to mind.

if anything, capitalism is the reason why science is successful. Without division of labor, we're back to surviving like in the Middle Ages

It's also interesting that no one said, "Government funding is ruining science".

Duh. God can't make any mistake. Just look at climate "science"

Oh man! You have no clue how happy you using steempoll, an incomplete DApp makes me. I will make time to add more features to it....

PS: For me it's the media screwing it up. Especially the Indian media channels. If you understand any of the regional Indian languages, you would laugh at what they put up at times But yes, not all but some of them put out utter crap.

I know demand is low right now, but in the long term, I really believe that an app like SteemPoll is needed in the ecosystem. As a result of this post, I'm thinking that a good way to use it in its current form is by coupling a full Steem post with a companion poll. I might play around with the concept some more in future weeks.

I'm thinking that a good way to use it in its current form is by coupling a full Steem post with a companion poll.

Yup.. Sucks that there's additional steps right now... I will not abandon it and will improve the mechanics soon.

There will always be people who are skeptical and question everything, that is the principle of science, unlike many who have conflicting interests, who manipulate, twist for their own "good" and not science.

Good point. There can be a difference between the professional field of "scientific research" and the actual practice of "science".

I think not, there are interests at all levels, from the creation of science, and much more in its application.

The titles are amazing.
I think the biggest thing that destroys science is religion. Science could not progress when everything was sin and sin.

It is the human being who ruins everything from different trenches. Every well-done thing that one or more human beings achieve always has a counterpart from others to turn it ruined.

In this sense, we are susceptible to misinformation spread by the media. The advancement of science has not been jeopardized. Politics is the one who wreaks havoc on the world from multiple fronts.

Too many results, well, too many errors of science, I better laugh a little and don't think about the amount of money lost too, well, scientists always do trial and error, I better not say anything else :)

We are exposed to media distortions in this regard. Science is not ruined. Scientists need to be very careful. Because it can affect our world.

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