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Greetings Steemians,

Today I did some brain research and studied the prefrontal cortex. I will provide you with information about the prefrontal cortex.

What is the prefrontal cortex, what is its function, how it develops or is damaged, etc. We will talk about topics.

I hope you are interested.

Looking and examining the Prefrontal Cortex.

Short description; The prefrontal cortex is the area at the front of the brain that is the last to develop in our brain.
It is the region that controls our abstract thinking, strategizing, analysis-evaluation, and social behavior.

It also organizes our senses. In other words, we can say that it is the area where the feedback and connections of the sensory and motor systems take place.

According to scientists and neuroscientists, it is said to be the region of the brain that matures or reaches maturity last.

In addition, the prefrontal cortex motivates and increases our focus, and it has been defined by scientists as a region that allows our personality to form.

For example, what separates us from animals? Of course it's the size of our cortices. The larger the cortex, the more logical thinking and grasping new paths.

The prefrontal cortex, from different angles:


What Are the Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex?

  1. It stores information in our nervous system.
  2. It provides control of intense emotions.
  3. It deals with perceptual analysis, thinking, and problem solving.
  4. It aims to comply with the rules and our actions.
  5. It makes connections in dopamine secretion.
  6. It functions to delay higher pleasures.
  7. Allows solving abstract and mathematical problems.

Developing the prefrontal cortex.

i. Breathing exercises.
ii. Regular sleep
iii. Meditation and yoga.

Factors that damage or prevent the development of the prefrontal cortex

a. Physical blow to the brain
b. Cognitive problems
c. Chronic stresses
d. Traumatic events.

As we explained, the prefrontal cortex is like the command center of our brain. It is a region of ours that guides us and connects us with the limbic systems. It determines the personality and behavior of the person.

This is not an official article, it is just an open research that is shared with you as a result of the research. I hope you like it and support it.

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Love and respect.

Best regards,
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Very interesting! I will have to reread this one!

Hi @kaminchan,

I didn't want to elaborate and confuse the content, so I summarized it. You can access more information from the links there. If you get stuck or have any questions you want to ask, I will gladly answer them.

Best regards.

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