NVidia presents its realistic human assistant.

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NVidia presents its realistic human assistant.

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The revolution in gaming assistants.

If you thought it envied and was revolutionizing the world of technology with its AI chips, well, it is not only betting big on AI, it is redefining the rules of the game, on the Computex 2024 stage, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang left no doubt .

Nvidia is at the forefront of computer graphics, simulations and artificial intelligence with a passion for innovation, highlighting how GPUs of envy are leaving CPUs behind and how the company is becoming a true giant in the current technological scenario and They want to go further.

Nvidia is bringing something that will make Gamers vibrate with excitement, can you imagine having an AI assistant that not only understands voice commands, but also analyzes your game screen and offers relevant advice, we present the G-assist project, a Revolution in the world of games fueled by the powerful RTX GPUs that have become and one of the most talked about topics on the networks in recent days.

With more advances to offer.

And don't think that this idea of ​​envy is limited to games, Jen-Hsun said that the company is paving the way towards a new era where not only humanoid robots but also digital humans can become an integral part of our daily lives, with Nvidia ACE NIM a suite of generative AI microservices, creating realistic digital humans has never been easier said Jen-Hsun.

But wait there were more announcements, Nvidia are bringing updates to their RTX remix Moding tools allowing developers to create even more immersive and realistic visual experiences, since its launch envy has led the PCS revolution with AI, now with the project G- assist and Nnvidia ACE NIM are unlocking a new world of possibilities for millions of users around the globe.

And you are prepared to witness the future of technology because Envy is interested in leading the way in the convergence between Artificial Intelligence and graphical computing, promoting great advances and raising the level of the technology industry.

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