Humanoids working with humans is a reality.

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Humanoids working with humans is a reality.

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Strategic partnerships for advancement.

You know that future that is being drawn where humanoid robots are going to work alongside humans in car factories, that is what is happening in China, the State Automotive Company DongFeng Motor, followed the example of another Automotive Company NIO and is collaborating with UBtech to integrate the Walker S humanoid robot into its production line.

UBtech's humanoid is not an ordinary robot with 1.70 height and advanced algorithms, this robot can perform various complex tasks, capable of inspecting seat belts, testing door locks, checking body quality, applying labels and even put oil.

DongFeng Motor hopes this innovation will take smart manufacturing to a new level and accelerate the large-scale application of humanoid robots in the automotive industry, but UBtech has bigger ambitions in partnership with Baidu is enhancing the Walker S with realistic speech, real-time reasoning. This means the robot can communicate with factory systems and humans, access production line status and share data in real time, making operations even more efficient.

Integración de los sistemas para mayor eficiencia.

Already working at the NIO factory, the Walker S is proving its worth performing tasks such as quality inspections and logo application, and now at DongFeng Motor it will handle component assembly inspections and many other manufacturing tasks, this humanoid robot is equipped with advanced sensors and a four-eye system for sophisticated perception.

Its force-controlled human-like hands and robotic arms with 7 degrees of freedom allow for remarkable dexterity and precision, and it is capable of carrying up to 3 kg in each hand and supporting up to 10 kg as a maximum load, maintaining stability and control. balance during demanding maneuvers in the factory

UBtech claims that the Walker S offers superior solutions for inspection, assembly and logistics in complex environments, with the help of vision cameras and depth sensors the robot can detect and navigate its environment efficiently avoiding obstacles and manipulating objects with great skill, This integration of robots into automotive manufacturing is a stunning example of how technology is shaping the future of the industry.

Could it be that we are on the verge of a new revolution, the humanoid revolution.

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