Starfactory, one ship per day.

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Starfactory, one ship per day.


If I told you that there was a project to build an entire StarShip every day, you would believe it. After the success of the last StarShip flight, SpaceX is investing $100 million in the construction of Starfactory, a new facility that promises to revolutionize Starship production. .

Construction of the rocket factory began in February and should be operational in the coming months, this new work will add 9,000 square meters of factory space, helping SpaceX reach its ambitious goal of producing one starship per day, yes, you read Well, one ship per day whose main objective will be to colonize Mars.

During a SpaceX live broadcast, quality systems engineering manager Kate Tice expressed her enthusiasm “when you walk into this factory it is truly inspiring my heart jumps out of my chest” this expansion will allow SpaceX to significantly increase its production rate with the goal of produce StarShip version 2 soon.

The StarShip v2 will be easier to mass produce, will have greater propellant capacity, greater reliability and less dry weight, there will also be aerodynamic improvements to optimize its performance; SpaceX Falcon Structures Manufacturing Engineering Manager Jesse Anderson announced that there are now new super heavy boosters ready for the next test with more coming off the production line.

Those who have personally been to the Starbase say that it is like a construction Hive, currently more than 1800 human employees work full time at the Starbase making it a large source of income in the area, construction of the Starbase base began in 2018. top of the town of bocachica and the musk at the time commented on the location of the Star base we have a lot of land with no one nearby, so if it explodes it's fine and in March 2021 an explosion actually occurred, taking three months to be cleaned up.

Elon Musk tweeted about the incident “at least the crater is in the right place” and now after all this evolution a window of the future is shown, if we will achieve it, needing one ship per day to manufacture it?

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