Preparations for the return to the Moon

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Preparations for the return to the Moon


Preparation for humanity's return to the Moon is more intense than ever, NASA has put its astronauts to test the new axiomspace spacesuits and take a look at a model of the elevator that will integrate the StarShip modified for the moon landing, which will be responsible for taking astronauts to the lunar surface.

These tests are part of the artemis 3 mission, the ambitious lunar program that will take humans back to the moon for the first time since Apollo 17 in 172, the launch of artemis 3 is scheduled for 2026 and SpaceX with its HLS lander will play A crucial role, this version of the StarShip is being designed to dock with the Orion capsule in lunar orbit and then transport astronauts to the surface.

For its part, AxiomSpace is in charge of the new generation spacesuits designed especially for lunar walks, although there is still some time until launch, scientists and engineers need all the positive feedback on the mission components and that was exactly what they did in the most recent test.

The first of its kind since the days of the program's nickname, the procedure lasted nearly 3 hours and featured astronauts Peggy Whitson of Spaceflight and Douglas Wheelock of NASA, donning spacesuits in a replica of the chamber. compression of the StarShip rocket equipped with real backpacks that simulate the life support system that will be used on the Moon.

During the test they interacted with a control panel in the chamber to ensure they could access the desired controls, even while wearing gloves, and evaluated the model of the elevator that will transport the astronauts and their equipment from the StarShip to the lunar surface.

This activity was essential for the AxiomSpace team, which received valuable feedback on improvements such as greater flexibility and ease of putting on and taking off the suits, seeking to guarantee maximum autonomy for the astronauts and from what it seems the results were quite promising and in a statement NASA highlighted the steps taken by the astronauts in life-sized versions of the starship's hatch.

The covered compression chamber and elevator may have been small, but they marked a significant step in preparing for a new generation of moonwalks through the Artemis program.

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Official website

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