Confirms the slowing down of the earth's core.

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Confirms the slowing down of the earth's core.

In 2023, researchers from China did an analysis on the spin or rotation of the Earth's core and that the Earth's core had stopped, although in reality it continues to spin, only at the same speed as us on the surface, that was what they discovered. According to the Chinese researchers, it is even possible, according to the researchers, that it is rotating a little slower and that is what has been confirmed precisely now, that it is rotating slower and slower, so from our view on the surface it would seem that it is reversing the movement, moving backwards.

A similar example to visualize it would be when we overtake a car on the highway, if the other car is going a little faster it seems to be moving forward, if we stand next to it and go at the same speed it will seem as if it has stopped and if we accelerate or if he decelerates a little it will appear that the other car is moving backwards, when in reality that car is still moving and in the same direction.

The inner core of the earth rotates, it has its own spin at a different speed than the rest of the planet, over the entire surface of the planet, it is strange to explain, but scientists say that this is because it floats on the outer core which is metallic too, but molten, we don't know this exactly well, but it is what is news now.

The news is from June 12, the entire study was also published this week in the scientific journal nature, scientists have shown that the inner core of the earth is receding, slowing down in relation to the surface of the planet, the movement of the inner core has been a source of controversy, debate and headaches among scientists for the last 20 years and some research indicated that the inner core rotated faster than the surface of the planet, that was before but this new study is confirming that not only It doesn't spin faster but rather slows down.


"When I first saw the seismograms hinting at this change I was perplexed, but when we found two dozen more observations pointing to the same pattern the result was inescapable, the inner core had slowed down for the first time in many decades, other scientists have "Similar and different models have recently been advocated but our latest study provides the most compelling resolution," said one of the researchers, John Vital, professor, dean of earth sciences, University of Southern California.

To explain this we have to go in parts, the core of the Earth is like imagining a planet within another planet but a metal planet, it has an external part of molten metal and an internal part of solid metals, the upper limit is almost 2900 km under our feet, if we drill in a straight line we would reach it after approximately 2900 km; The core has a radius of about 3,500 km, is larger than the planet Mars (imagine a metal planet) and represents a large part of the total mass of the Earth; The pressure inside is millions of times the surface pressure and the temperature exceeds 6700 degrees Celsius.

Some theorize that the nucleus may have the form of a single metal crystal, this is not that it is solid metal and has cooled and solidified, it is that it has crystallized and it would not be iron, it would only be an alloy basically of iron, yes, 80 %, but we would also have nickel and then in smaller quantities other metals and heavy elements and quite rare elements such as thorium, potassium, plutonium and uranium, it is precisely the decay of these radioactive elements that explains most of the core temperature.

It is literally a nuclear fission reactor, fission is when atoms are divided and it is what the nuclear power plants that we humans have do, fission atoms and that is what produces most of the heat of the nucleus that in the end spreads later as well. to the mantle.

Another thing that was trapped inside the core was the original heat from the colossal impacts that gave rise to the Earth, that heat has not been completely dissipated since then and represents approximately 10% of the total internal heat of the Earth, all of this , we must also add another additional heat, although of a smaller quantity, which would be caused by the tidal forces caused by the moon and the sun. This causes friction between the core and the mantle and causes some heat, but the main heat would be the decomposition of those radioactive elements and the primordial heat of the formation of the earth that was trapped there after the colossal impacts.

In summary, we would have the mantle, most of the planet would be the mantle, also the molten metallic core and the crystallized inner core, it is the theory now, it is the most supported currently, although it is still under debate.

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