Spotted Comet 12P - Pons Brooks

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A couple of days ago, @o1eh shared something celestially interesting and asked us: Save If You Like to Look at the Sky.

Of course, event-horizon likes to look at the sky (with great longing). (pun-intended)

She even packed her telescope and took it on the trip to the mountains (where she's currently at). She had this idea in mind while writing this comment. Let's see if she had any success.

I took a telescope to the mountains because where I live, light pollution makes it hard to make out anything in the sky. I have to squit even on clear nights to spot them tiny silver dots.

Is it my hard luck or what, it's been 4 days and it's either raining all day and night or it's completely overcast.

Yesterday, while hurrying my way to the dinner, I casually glanced at the sky which was looking beautiful and there I spotted an unusually bright star. It looked strangely big.


See between the trees - I took this picture with my phone's camera in default settings

My thoughts immediately went back to the comet 12P - Pons Brooks which should be visible in the sky with the naked eye on these dates. I took another picture and zoomed in 3x.


3x zoomed

This picture made me even more excited because it was oddly shaped for what we usually see in the sky. In fact, we don't see anything besides dots.

I pushed my camera to its maximum zoom limit which is 30x.


30x zoomed

How I wished for a better camera at that moment, even though I was pretty satisfied with my S21. Even more than that, I wanted to take out the telescope and set it up outside for the rest of the night, or at least as long as that bright star stayed above the horizon.

Unfortunately, when I finally had that moment, I couldn't use it. I had to join everyone for dinner and I couldn't be late even a minute.

While on the way to the dinner venue, I quickly searched for the exact coordinates for Pons Brook and got to know that I had just seen and captured the first comet of my life. To further confirm it, I did some research on what should a comet look like from Earth.

Comet should appear fuzzy and/or has a tail.

Although the last picture made me think of Saturn the exact location and the appearance confirm that it was the comet 12P - Pons Brook. ((:

I wanted to explore it with a telescope today but it was again cloudy today. I'm hoping to have some success while my trip lasts.

P.S. I'm on a trip and wasn't sharing any content to avoid jeopardizing the quality but this couldn't wait.


Almost a little jealous… ;-)
Who knows? Maybe I saw the comet, too, but since I am absolutely not able to check or even find out correct coordinates… :-D

I love the idea of watching the moon at an appointed time - wherever in the world you look at it (at the special time you shared with your friend, maybe your special friend) you feel connected in a very deep way. It works! Maybe it works with comets, too… :-))

Who knows? Maybe I saw the comet, too

Possible. It was too obvious.

I am absolutely not able to check or even find out correct coordinates…

I check and ask help from my husband if confused (he's good at nav).

Maybe it works with comets, too… :-))

It should work. ((:

This is a science that I don't understand.
Hand me a microscope - just not a telescope... ;-)

I also don't know much about telescopes. Still trying to find my way around it. Spent 2 hours the other night to focus on a star with no luck. But I'm not giving up. 😆

 2 months ago 

I'm sure you managed to see a comet 🤩. Thanks for sharing your success.

I couldn't find a comet in the night sky, something keeps getting in the way. It was very cloudy for several days, now the moon shines like a spotlight. I will have to wait for the next comet 😁

I think you can still spot it until next week.

Wow, what an exciting celestial adventure you had, event-horizon! It sounds like you were on the brink of a cosmic discovery with your telescope in hand. Despite the challenges posed by the weather and dinner plans, your perseverance paid off with a glimpse of the mysterious Comet 12P - Pons Brooks. Your pictures are truly captivating, especially with that zoomed-in shot at 30x magnification - amazing!😍

you were on the brink of a cosmic discovery with your telescope in hand

Ahh! I feel more devastated now. 😅

especially with that zoomed-in shot at 30x magnification - amazing!😍

I was impressed too. I keep thinking if the comet could look this big with phone, how would it have looked through telescope.

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