Photo Express Challenge / Challenge week #1 / Theme "BLACK AND WHITE" Photography

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Greetings Photography Lovers, This is SHOHANA From #Bangladesh


Interior view of a luxurious ladies hostel's lobby in Mirpur, Dhaka City

More About Photo:

The interior decoration was appealing and whenever I visit the hostel I enjoy my coffee right here. The decoration represent the luxurious hostel's quality and its really a nice place to be. There you can see a LED TV on the wall, light lamps, teddy bear and sets of sofa to be seated. Relative, parents and friends can meet girls living inside the hostel here.
Hope you enjoyed my photography from a premium quality hostel where things are expensive and full of quality.


Thanks For Stopping By Here

Would like to invite my friends @ripon0630 @aaru @beautiful12 @asiahaiss @jyoti-thelight @lavanyalakshman @intrepidthinker @ternuritajessi you can join the fun of photography.

Find more details here: Contest Announcement

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Greetings friend @ shohana1

Excellent photography, it looks like a great place, very cozy.

Thanks dear for your kind visit to my post. Its a luxurious place I often visit. Have a nice day ❤️💝💖

Hola amigo. Me encantó esta foto. Los adornos colgantes se ven hermosos en blanco y negro, brillan.
Gracias por compartir esta linda toma fotográfica.🤗❤️

I'm glad that you liked my photography and appreciate the objects available in it. Stay blessed 💝🥰

Gracias amigo. Si me gustó la foto amén.

Hello friend, enjoy the black and white photo of the hostel, very nice.

Se me pareció a los salones de los años 60

Aww really? I've no idea of 60's because that was my grandparent's time. Thanks so much for stopping by 💖🫶🥰

 2 months ago 

Saludos @shohana1, un lobby muy elegante, la composición en blanco y negro hace que el espectador recree de inmediato toda la imagen por la ausencia de color..

Buena foto.. suerte!!

Thank you sir for wishing me luck, i hope you liked it! Have a nice day!

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