💥 Booming Upvote Information - March

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It's time to open up our monthly can of worms and this month, I've introduced an interesting addition.

Next to each user, I've included a link to @coding-gorilla's "Club Status" tool to analyse how much of a user's STEEM / SBD is Powered Up to reflect their true club status.

In February, I noticed that many users receiving booming support had a lot of power in their wallet but were claiming club status. In my opinion, if 90% of your STEEM is not powered up, then you're not in club5050 (even if you haven't transferred it out).

This has made this month's data particularly interesting - especially when you look at where users have transferred STEEM to other users for the STEEM to then be sent to the exchanges.

Whilst this list is for information purposes only, I'd like to think that it will refocus some minds when it comes to booming support eligibility.

As with February's report:

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing in here is intended to suggest that the authors who receive the highest number of upvotes don't deserve them

It is also worth noting that @art-venture (and possibly other booming support) works across multiple communities so in some communities, it may appear that the "2-votes per user per week" rule has been broken. In addition to this, the report covers a calendar month and has no regard for a "standard" Monday to Sunday week so please avoid jumping to conclusions when some upvote counts are high within an individual community.

I hope that this is useful and of interest.

Having tried to upload the information into a post, I discovered that it will go into about 10 parts so the entire thing has been uploaded to a website instead...


It's not pretty but it will have to do for now!

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