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Among the famous sayings of the Fathers of the Church, none is as famous as that of Augustine: "You made us for you, and our hearts will not rest easy until we do not rest in you. "The eminent saint expresses here, in a few words, the origin and inner life of the race human God made us for himself, and this is the only explanation that satisfies the heart of man
who thinks, no matter what his reason says. If the lack of culture and the perversity make someone thinks differently, and comes to another conclusion, there is little that any Christian can do for him For such person I do not have any message. I am addressing those who have been taught secretly by the wisdom of God; I address the thirsty hearts that have been awakened by the touch of God in his inner self, and that they do not need proof to know what has happened
deep inside their souls. The restlessness of your heart is all the evidence you need. God made us for himself. The Compendium of Catechism "approved by the Holy Assembly of Westminster, "as recorded in the texts of the New England, contains the ancient questions what and why, and answers with a single phrase that could hardly be overcome in uninspired works. Question "What is the main purpose of man's existence?" Answer "The main purpose of the existence of man is to glorify God and enjoy his presence by always "" The twenty-four elders who fell on their faces and
they worshiped him who lives and will live for ever and ever, saying, "Lord, you are worthy of receive glory, and honor and virtue; because you created all things, and by your will they have been and They were raised "

God made us for his pleasure, and he made us in such a way that it is possible for us and he Like the sweet communion of like-minded beings This means for us to be able to see you, to walk in his company and like his smile. But we have become guilty of that "vile revolt "about which Millón speaks in El Paraíso Perdido about Satan and his angels. we have separated from God. We have stopped obeying him and loving him, and because of our guilt and the
fear that seized us, we fled from him as far as we could. But who can flee from his presence when the heavens, and the heavens of the heavens do not Can they contain him? When, as the wise Solomon says, "the Spirit of the Lord fills the earth!"

The omnipresence of God is one thing, and it is a solemn fact, necessary for its perfection. But the manifestation of his presence is something very different. And we have fled the presence of God, as Adam fled when he hid among the trees of the garden, or we exclaimed like Peter, "Get away from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man!" This is how man lives on earth away from the presence of God, and for consequently, without enjoying the site that corresponds to him. The loss of that status and condition for that it was created, is the cause of his incessant restlessness.

The complete work of God in redemption is intended to thwart the effects of that vile uprising, and put ourselves back in right and eternal relationship with him. For that it is necessary that we are stripped of our sins, that the entire reconciliation with God be made and that we live again in his presence as before. The prevenient grace of God is what induces us to seek Him and return to his presence. We notice this grace when there is restlessness and hunger in our
eleven heart, and we feel compelled to say, "I will rise, and I will go to my Father, and I will say: Father, I have
sin. "This decision is the first step, and as the Chinese sage Lao-Tzu said, the path of a thousand miles always starts with one step "

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