Singled out

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(Giving direction to your day)
Ola Aina

Thursday 14th October, 2021


Text: “A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.” Ps 91:7

Life is a product of individual decisions and choices. By the revelation of God’s word each one can decide what the course of their lives will be. The experiences of one man should not automatically determine the experience of another person. That someone died young in your family should never determine your own age. Life is an open cheque; we can individually agree with God on the basis of his word to determine what should happen to us and what must never happen. This is the privilege of the servants of the Lord.

As believers we have a righteousness credited into our account at new birth. This gives us a right standing before the judge of the earth. The righteousness of Christ is credited into our accounts. We can function in his name and his authority. It’s on this basis that we believe we can be singled out. It’s not compulsory anymore that those negative things that happen to others should happen to us too. We chose not to partake of evil in our environment. The blood of Jesus marked us out. When others are saying there is a casting down for us it shall be a lifting up. This is our choice and this is what we must see.

We are singled out to fulfil destiny. We are called by the name of the Lord. We are a chosen generation called to show forth the praises of our God. God actually gets his glory through our lives. Everything about us should speak of his excellence and beauty. We are of all men the most privileged. The Spirit of God has come to make his home in us to turn us to literal testimonies on the earth. Go out daily with this confidence and assurance. If you appear for a job interview you will be singled out for favour. Please receive this word.

Thank you Lord for opportunities you have created on my path in life. Thank you for networking my life.

LEARN MORE: 1 Peter 2:9

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