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Ola Aina

Tuesday 12th October, 2021


Text: “He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler” Ps 91:4

David came into the battle field completely unprepared physically to fight. He came on a completely different mission. He brought food for his brethren. When it became obvious he had to fight there was no sword or shield with him. King Saul tried to put his armour on David but he was not convenient with it. Even though David did not have a physical weapon he had something spiritual. He had a weapon that was not obvious to the physical eyes. At the end of the day the physical weapon bowed to that which was spiritual. In the battles of life you must operate and function from a level that is far higher than that of your adversaries. We can’t operate at the same level and expect to triumph.

Life is principally spiritual and we must be able to relate closely with life from the spiritual perspective. If you don’t handle life from the spiritual point of view many things will work against you. David in the ninety one psalms said “...His truth shall be thy shield and buckler...” That simply means that the truth of God’s word is a shield and buckler for us.

A shield is a broad piece of defensive armor, carried on the arm, formerly in general use in war, for the protection of the body. A shield is anything that defends and protects. A buckler is also a kind of shield, of various shapes and sizes. In the olden days it will be a suicide mission to appear in the war front without a shield. The more sophisticated your weapons are the greater the chances of winning the battle. This is the same role the truth of God’s word is supposed to play in our lives. If you are not armed with the truth of God’s word you are open, vulnerable and exposed. The enemy can easily get you. The truth is simply all God has said and declared concerning you.

The truth of God’s word is my shield and buckler. I hold on to his word in every situation.

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