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"Pride", the Holy Books has said comes before a fall
played out when the falcon resists the falconer's call
when your thoughts make you walk around with shoulders tall
forgetting the one who made you who men now call
then, I guarantee that your fall is just a call away

When you think yourself the most important
and look at others as least important
then I can assure you of one thing
that a fall is just a step away.

Pride is a disease that needs serious attention
It's symptom is lack of attention to instruction
when you feel/think that you're the only solution
to the family, organization or church question

Watch out for these things and say a prayer with me
May the Lord help us not to live a boastful life in Jesus name
God knows that we are suffering from a disease called pride
Just like malaria, God has to seen that Spiritually some brethren are sick,
there may be a disease that is going on and that is pride.

Who has made him who he is?
Is it not God?
So why live your life as if you own it.
You are not all and all remember?
So what then shall save the from this pride?

You kind opinions is much appreciated

Thank you for always engaging my post.
I like the love bird sing melodic tunes to your ear
Just take a line at a time:
and thank God when you're fine


I am @voclab

I am inspired by God's to inspire others
God bless you all. Love you.

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