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Message received from Golden Censer:

Remember the 4th Commandment: Rest on the seventh day, the Sabbath. Spend this day with your family and loved ones. Take time to appreciate the splendour that is our world, His creation. [Exodus 20]

Reflection message for Golden Censer:

When speaking of rest on the seventh day (Saturday) most people are inclined to think of doing nothing on that day; the commandment written in Exodus one of the books of the bible, was given directly by God the Father to Moses to be taught to all the people of Israel.

Israel had lived for more than 400 years in hard slavery, doing forced labor without any benefits that did not go beyond a plate of food, the life of the Israelites consisted only of work, they did not have time for anything else because the Pharaoh of Egypt had total dominion over them.

The Israelites cried out to God to be free from slavery, hard work and the dominion of the Pharaoh of Egypt, one day their prayers came true God with his great power gives them the long-awaited freedom and leads them on a journey full of expectation through a desert.

The desert is a completely new scenario and different from everything they had lived before, it is in the desert where God gives Moses the 10 commandments that would become the model of life for all Israel from now on.

A model of life that contemplated rest, something that the Israelites did not know how to do (rest) but the desert was the training ground to learn to rest and obey God's command.

Are you going through a situation that can be compared to the desert?
Perhaps God is training him to learn to rest.

Rest is not just doing nothing, rest goes far beyond what we can interpret from reading at first glance, rest includes the mind and soul as well as rest from daily work at home and work, because the The human body needs rest to regain energy and stay healthy.

We must enter into the rest of God, which consists in leaving at the feet of the Eternal Father the fatigue caused by all those heavy burdens such as anxiety, fear, worries, anguishes of the soul, in short, everything that troubles the mind and soul affecting the body.

The day of rest is the time planned by God to exercise the rest of the mind, soul and body; a day in which you will forget all the worries that do not lead to the solution of any of your problems, to say to God "Father I trust in you", that is to rest for God and in God.

Trusting God is the true rest that began with the mandate to keep the Sabbath day but that since Jesus Christ has spread to be a daily lifestyle, to do so requires training and determination. God will provide the circumstances for the training and it is up to you and me to determine to do it.

Determining to rest one day a week (Saturday) will help us to gradually incorporate the rest to 2 or 3 days until it is our lifestyle. Remember now that we are in Christ the rest is trusting him to have a new and more gratifying model of living the life that he has given us.

Share and strengthen family life, enjoy nature and all the good that exists to be a more relaxed, healthy and happy person.

Happy Saturday, happy rest.


Father, I ask you to help us all enter your rest, stay in it and make rest our way of life to be and be better in our mind, soul and body, in the name of Christ, amen.

Praise God and bless his word.

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