HEARTCHURCH: A Church in the Heart, A Church Sharing Hearts

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It is true that the conviction about being a Christian starts from the heart and the heart ebcomes a central point to the overall functioning of the beliver. This is why the Bible admonishes us to guard our hearts with all wisdom for out of it comes the issues of life. The heart becomes central to what the man can become, have and do. The heart hre is a representation of the mind and niot the literal heart wheere blood pumps.

Our salvation stems from the point where one acknowledges and believes in the heart that God raised Christ from the dead and thus receives Christ's righteousness and then makes a confession of whjat he believes in his heart (Romans 10: 9-10). Success and failure, blessings and curses, faith and fear all flow from the heart. This is why the quality and state/health of the believer's heart becomes very crucial. Guard yur heart with diligence and keep beleiving God.

On the Steem Blockchain, I discovered the @Steemchurch community which metamorphosed into the Heartchurch over time as the vision broadened and this community serves as connecting points for all Christians world over. WHile distance may separate parishioners, we get connected to one another in the heart and we share our Chrsitain values through our bloigs thereby delaring the messages of our Lor Jesus Christ for the liberation of mankind, and hence, its motto "Crusade for freedom".


Sometime in May 2019, the HEARTs Token was ascended to provide financial liberatipon to all parishioners of the heartchurch and since then, each parishioner with a (dot)jc accopunt kleeps receiving HEART tokens each day for free for the past sloe to two years and the daily blessings continue. Our HEART (Beatitudes) is issued on the Telos blockchain and is central to the operations of the HeartChurch Community.

Presently, the need for HEART tokens is to secure the Heart Farms for prosperity and increase. With that, we make a bid at https://farm.heart-church.org/live/ and transfer your accurate amount of HEART to heartfarmsio to secure the space for the future. I have been a beneficiary of HEARTs drops over the months and have gladly shared to others too.


The members of the HeartCHurch community are a people on a mission to crusade freedokme to the world and speak healing to the hearts of men and communities that have een wounded and bruised by this evil world. This we do y sharing thoughts, prayers and gifts on daiy basis on STeem posts, Daily Telos and Telegram messages.


Members are expected to participate in daily activities, in these forms:

  • Use your publications to promote the mission and vision of the community.
  • Participate in @dailytelos and share its contents on your blog, if you wish.
  • Be attentive to any call to action for the promotion of Heart.
  • Help new users.


Here id the purpose of the Heart Farms:

> Breaking religious, legalistic paradigms, our mission is to be an integral community capable of innovating and entering all the environments that constitute progress for humanity, without a doubt the games of farms, of land cultivation is a great idea when it comes to planting in Our children and the general public have the expectation of promoting environmental values, personal growth, and the development of new skills, this is something that we cannot lose.

There is more the future holds for us. Let's keep holding up!


The heart is the carrier of the commandments, it is also the starting point of good and evil acts. We should feed it with godliness and uprightness on a daily basis, this is why I will recommend the heartchurch to anybody and everybody...

The Church should not be in the building, but in the people. The scriptures say's that we are lively stones, built into spiritual places, and that the tabanacle of God is with men. I am glad to identify with the church on a global platform.

The heart, apart from being the engine house of the body biologically speaking is also the determiner of all human actions. We our hearts are pure our words and actions will be pure. And when the heart is polluted, same will replicate in our words and actions. Thanks @uyobong for this reminder

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