God created marriage, it was his idea, and no one knows better than him. He did this in Genesis. When he did this he never thought of divorce. But that human nature Adam inherited after eating the forbidden fruit is what brought about all our problems.
Moses brought divorce (Deuteronomy 24 : 1-2). This law sounds cheap and very easy. Moses stipulated this law just to avoid trouble among families, but that wasn't Gods plan for us.
When Jesus came he gave the actual ground suitable for divorce (Matthew 19 : 6-9).
So next time you think of Divorce also think of Gods plan and not your selfish desires.
And whenever you have problem in your marriage stop seeking human advice (cause they brought divorce) instead meet the manufacturer of marriage (Jehovah).

Thank you for going through my blog and post as well. I hope you learnt something, stay tuned, more post are coming. I remain Tempest Inyang.
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The condition given for divorce indicates that it is not of God. Once you are married make it work. Many times it is not about changing your partner because all people have issues you need to deal with. The best way to take charge in your marriage is to take charge in the spiritual.

I agree with you. Divorce is not an option

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