The Side Chicks Asunder

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✍️An Open Letter To All The Side Chicks

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Dear side chick, God fearfully and wonderfully made you and looked at what He made and said "This is good" then He sent you down to earth 🌍 to come and do exploit, but you came and decided to turn the table against your maker!

Dear side chick, I hope this letter meets you well! This is just to remind you of whose side you have chosen to take!

Why have you decided to work against the kingdom of God?

  • Marriage is God's institution
  • t is God's channel of showcasing His glory
  • It is God's idea to shake the foundations of this world 🌎
  • It is God's platform for raising Godly seeds that will bruise the head of the serpent
  • It is a kingdom partnership between a son and a daughter of the King
  • It is a heaven-on-earth ordained dynasty to showcase a prepared King and Queen that will rule in their generation to the glory of God!

Do you know that the first miracle Jesus performed was in a wedding ceremony? Just to let you know how dear this journey is to the heart of God!

Everything heaven is putting together, hell's agenda is to scatter it, everything God is building, the devils plan is nothing but to destroy it!

That's why John 10:10 says "The thief comes ONLY to steal and kill and destroy..." once he sets out to destroy marriages, he looks for you!


~Why have you decided to be an instrument of destruction in the hands of the enemy?

~Why did you decide that it is you whom the devil will used to challenge your God?

~Why have you decided to pull down a kingdom agenda called marriage?

~Why have you decided to be a tool in breaking down a Godly covenant made by two?

~Why have you decided to be the source of tears of your fellow woman?

~Why is it that when she appears miserable and downcast before her maker, the cause can be traced to you! why?

~Why are you robbing the kids of the hearty show of affection from their father?

~Why is it that in the court of heaven, it is your matter that is on the table as an agent of destruction?

~Why have you decided to take the side of the enemy?

Do you know that the matter of a side chick is more spiritual than physical?
Do you know that you are up against heaven?
Do you know that you are challenging God's authority?

Have you wondered why Jesus said “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder" Mark 10:9

Why are you coming in between what God has joined together? Why are you biting more than you can shew?

A lot of homes have seen their broken walls because of side chicks
A lot of homes have lost their bliss and joy because of side chicks
Love and affection has disappeared in homes because of side chicks
Lies and mistrust have replaced trust and confidence all because of side chicks
A lot men sent on assignment have lost their destinies just because of side chicks

And you are cruising in “fun”

I pray that God will give you an understanding of what you are doing, I hope heaven will cause the scales to fall of your eyes to make you know that it is beyond sex and money!

Being a side chick is picking a fight against heaven, desist from it and say "NO" to the devil, you were sent to the world to do exploit for the kingdom!

You are an agent of transformation not a tool for destruction...CHANGE!

Always grateful @infovore @davidad