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The Almighty God is the Ultimate Father. In fact, the Lord the title of Father to God. No big surprise when the Lord Jesus was teaching His disciples to pray, He told them that they should start with “Our Father”. As a Father, the Almighty God likes to bless His children. The first thing the Lord did when He created Adam and Eve was to bless them. The Lord has also transferred some of that power to our earthly father.

This implies that when your earthly father blesses you, it is just like the Lord Himself is blessing you; it is irreversible. Your father’s blessing will compel you to outrageous greatness. Esau only got a little of the blessing from his father, yet in the long run, we see that he had four hundred bodyguards.

Esau went to meet brother Jacob with 400 bodyguards. We can see what only a remnant of the blessing can do in the life of a person. In Genesis 27:29, we see that it can also make even nations want to help you by only means. Nothing good comes easily, and also the father’s blessing is expensive too, particularly when it is from the heart.

When Isaac wanted to bless Esau, he requested from him something he loved. When you make your earthly father happy in all ways, he will bless you from his heart.

Now, what gift can your earthly father, that would compel him to bless you from his heart so much so that heaven would back it up?. Just make sure you present it to him in such a way that he would be happy with you; then ask him to bless you.

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