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There is huge power in a divine touch and a divine touch could sometime be positive or negative. Naaman knew the power in a touch; that was why he was frustrated when Prophet Elisha didn't come out to welcome him to Samaria. Apart from the Lord touching a person for healing, a person can equally touch the the Lord with the hands of faith and receive healed.

A touch from above can bring the dead to life just as we see in the story of the widow of Nain. The Bible says the Lord Jesus only touched the bier of the son of the widow and commanded him to come back to life; that was all.

The widow of Nain laughed last due to the touch from the Lord Jesus. A touch that emanate from faith can work for both the fellow touching and for the person being touched.

In Matthew 9:29-30, two blind men cried to the Lord Jesus for healing, when the Lord found out that these men had the required faith, He touched their eyes and they received their sight. The touch of faith is needed in order to receive a miracle.

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