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Welcome to the Official Blog of HeartChurch Ministry International.

Happy Sunday everyone, we are very happy and excited to share with you the first steps of the Heart Farms Project, a blockchain game and virtual land management system that is playable through the web, using the amazing technology of Telos Blockchain.

Heart Farms designed by TLCC Consultants Pte. Ltd

All the information about the project can be found in the following link:

Heart Farms

Heart Lands will be an auction of virtual lands that will raise awareness and use cases for the HEART token operating on the Telos network. (https: //newdex.io/trade/revelation21-heart-tlos).

Farm games have always existed, but now we have the opportunity to bring it to blockchain that has undoubtedly changed the way we play agriculture, I think the message that this game carries is of high educational impact encourages us to retain interest for perfecting our little piece of land.

Phase 1 begins on April 10, 2021 with the live launch of Heart Lands, an auction of virtual lands on the Telos Blockchain.We are entering a new stage of community, we advance as we explore new territories, Heart is a seed that we want to sow in thousands of people and that in turn can benefit and empower themselves as individuals who support communities, planting and agriculture. It will always be the beginning of a society that exercises autonomy, taking it to the virtual world through games and blockchain technology, we will be placing the first brick for many interesting applications that will mark a before a later in the world.



We know that the Heart was designed to bless Christians and those people of good will who want to see a better world, this application will use the Heart token as a means of payment, which you can acquire in a simple way, through a jc account on the website, which will receive some tokens to start your journey.

The work of the HeartAmbassador will be to promote this tool on different social networks, technological platforms, help friends to register, etc.

From this moment on, we are ready to start the game. On the other hand, we cannot stop mentioning the collaborators for this project:@goldsmith.money, @crypto-investor.

Websites of Interest.

TLCC Consultants Pte. Ltd



 3 years ago 

This is huge!
Farmers as me will do well here.

It’s time dear parishioners!

Great initiative. Thanks for this post.

This is indeed a great initiative. The long-awaited Heart Farm is here.

Very good, i think that this is one step to the excellence. I´m gladfor this.

This is visionary leadership. Your work speak for you here and in his presence. The lesson for all is to think less of self and think more of how somebody else would be better. "Let no one place himself above others unduly". These are godly principles that should be emulated all who are called Christ's. Thank beloved sister. Grace.

 3 years ago 

Beautifull- Heart Farms!!

Excellent idea that we must, of course, support with all our hearts ...

Beautiful, i am looking forward to another milestone in the journey of the church and its ambassadors, thanks for this

This a nice initiative and i am definitely looking forward to its implementation

I am very pleased that this new initiative is being started.

I am very pleased
That this new initiative
Is being started.

                 - gabrielr29

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