HeartChurch: The Topaz River Is Here

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Welcome to the Official Blog of HeartChurch Ministry International.


Wishing a happy weekend to all, making the official release of the new HeartFarms Region, "The Topaz River", we share the details below:

The Topaz River



The Topaz River is now released with auctions first starting on 20:00 UTC on 19th June 2021, and has rotating auctions last until 24th of July 2021. Most of the auctions are weekly.

The Topaz River highlights a new type of Town appearance.


This region also features Heart Farms second City hexagon which is Topaz.


Special Auctions / Areas

Peninsula Tip with Coastal & Waterfront

Location laa22,2,3 is a special area that is both Coastal and Waterfront, having adjacent ocean and fresh water tiles. It also has a road and higher than normal stats. The auction for this plot is on an extended time frame.


4 Tiles of Max Commerce

Most of the weekly auctions will contain a single tile of 5 Max Commerce tiles auctioned from around the City of Topaz. The only other tiles which have max commerce are located by the City of Sapphire in region laa12. Sapphire has 3 such tiles, now The Topaz River region introduces 4 more of these tiles, bringing the grand total to 7 (excluding the city tiles themselves which would be 9 in total.)


Areas for Sale


"Now we are promoting through HeartFarms, a virtual land auction system that will soon become a game, we expect great social participation from all regions of the world, where the family can participate in a fun, educational environment, laying the foundations For a new economy and development of social projects that improve the quality of life of crowds, we can all participate in what we call a "Purpose Game",allowing a freedom of action, naturalness and a pleasure rarely found in other activities, it offers a great advantage of excellent opportunities for physical, intellectual, social and emotional development."

We also use Twitter to share relevant topics, additional to our Official Sites:

HeartChurch (HeartChurch Official Site)
Heart Farm(Heart Farm Official Site)
Goldsmith.money(Site of financial guidance and blockchain technology.)
TLCC Consultants Pte. Ltd (Heart Farms Developer)



ABOUT ....

HeartChurch is a community created since 2017, founded by @sirknight and Managed by @darlenys01, in the course of the process it has given way to different projects for the benefit of many people in the world, especially in countries like Venezuela, Nigeria, now we want to expand our horizons from the virtual world to the real world, therefore, we are focused on the development of Heart-farms and promoting mini poultry farms as sustainable development of families and communities and to supply the Bread From Heaven children's kitchens.

On the GoldSmith.Money page, we can find financial guidance and blockchain technology as well as promotional and introductory videos based on the platforms used such as Telos, to obtain a Heart Farms land you must have the Heart token, belonging to our community.We leave you a tutorial link to acquire the Heart.

You can get more information about the Region 6 auction at the following link.


This post was written for HeartChurch by @darlenys01, with the participation of @crypto-investor



Oh this is the land auction dApp from Telos. Oh wow! 😱

A new region with more land and more fun!!. HeartFarms is Fantastic

 3 years ago 

Looking forward to where this project goes! Thankful to everyone involved.

Wow, then lets get started.

great stuff!

Heartchurch is under a series of expansion, well done @darlynes01

Thanks so much for this

This is a great job well done @heartchurch

a okey que buen trabajo eso es de gran bendición, gracias por el apollo que nos han brindado Dios les bendiga.

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