This God, what shall i render to Him!

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Neh.9.15 - You gave bread from heaven for their hunger, you sent water from the rock for their thirst. You told them to enter and take the land, which you promised to give them.
Neh.9.16 - But they, our ancestors, were arrogant; bullheaded, they wouldn't obey your commands.
Neh.9.17 - They turned a deaf ear, they refused to remember the miracles you had done for them; They turned stubborn, got it into their heads to return to their Egyptian slavery. And you, a forgiving God, gracious and compassionate, Incredibly patient, with tons of love--you didn't dump them.
Neh.9.18 - Yes, even when they cast a sculpted calf and said, "This is your god Who brought you out of Egypt," and continued from bad to worse,
Neh.9.19 - You in your amazing compassion didn't walk off and leave them in the desert. The Pillar of Cloud didn't leave them; daily it continued to show them their route; The Pillar of Fire did the same by night, showed them the right way to go.
Neh.9.20 - You gave them your good Spirit to teach them to live wisely. You never stinted with your manna, gave them plenty of water to drink.
Neh.9.21 - You supported them forty years in that desert; they had everything they needed; Their clothes didn't wear out and their feet never blistered.
Neh.9.22 - You gave them kingdoms and peoples, establishing generous boundaries. They took over the country of Sihon king of Heshbon and the country of Og king of Bashan.
Neh.9.23 - You multiplied children for them, rivaling the stars in the night skies, And you brought them into the land that you promised their ancestors they would get and own.
Neh.9.24 - Well, they entered all right, they took it and settled in. The Canaanites who lived there you brought to their knees before them. You turned over their land, kings, and peoples to do with as they pleased.

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