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As everyone who knows us, knows that we are lovers of nature, ecology and recycling, in our time of community work we started the Green Footprint campaign, which consists of educating and carrying out reuse activities in schools and creating ecological gardens, We cannot ignore World Recycling Day, and call on the whole world to reduce the volume of waste generated and counteract carbon footprints.


Joining Efforts to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

The origin of World Recycling Day is not very clear. It seems that it was held for the first time in Texas (USA) in 1994 and then spread to other states and other countries.
Officially it was the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which established the World Recycling Day in 2005 in order to promote greater responsibility, not only seen from the perspective of the consumer citizen, but of the one that extracts the raw material and of the one that transforms it into a consumer good.

Together we are stronger, each one of us as an individual has the responsibility of instilling in the children, in our community, the reuse of resources, saving water. Here in Venezuela in the community of Lecheria the Mayor organized a great activity with the children in order to take advantage of this day, although the pandemic has limited educational tasks a bit, the effort is still being made to leave the world in a better place.


Image courtesy of IG. @Alcaldiadelecheria.

The children brought their bottles of love and weighed them excitedly, a great example to follow for Venezuela and the world, we also got excited seeing the children go to the beach, also thanks to their parents who are sowing values.

As an organization that works for ecology, we ask God that this state of alarm due to covid-19 will soon pass and that we can develop as many activities as we have been doing, many happy children.

Green planet, color of hope, we end by calling for conscience and reinforcing ties with nature, with mother earth. Happy World Recycling Day.


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