Tutorial-Opening of a Mini Poultry Farm as a Profitable and Sustainable Commercial System.

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Welcome to the HeartChurch Venezuela Blog.

Today we proudly present the creation of community mini-farms, framed in achieving sustainable development and food security in our regions. In Venezuela at one time the consumption of meats had decreased a lot, as well as the raising of domestic animals for survival due to various factors such as high food costs and the maintenance of these animals.


In our case. We started with the project as a means of commercialization to strengthen the children's kitchens, hence the idea of ​​expanding them to several families and until now I believe that we are encouraging many people to have their own mini poultry farms, beyond economic and social limitations existing, there is nothing impossible, when the desire to improve is greater, as every week we want to share a little of the experience lived in families and communities.


We made the purchase of baby chicks to allocate them to the mini farms of Bread From Heaven, some neighbors of the community approached and asked us to contribute some for domestic use, really the expenses of feeders and drinkers are sometimes very expensive for these families However, creativity also plays a fundamental role when it comes to obtaining what is desired, in this way recycling is also promoted with these feeders created by the same community.

Acquisition of baby chicks for Mini Poultry Farms in Venezuela.

This little tutorial for beginners is timely, knowing what makes a self-sustaining project.Self-Sufficient Farms seek to promote agricultural diversification to increase income, also seeks to live in harmony with the environment.Regardless of how you want to use the mini farm for commercial or livelihood purposes, dedicating yourself to fattening chickens has its tricks and secrets to avoid making mistakes.

Self-sufficient farm. They are born out of the need to leave dependence on fossil fuels and strengthen and empower families farmers to maintain food sovereignty. It's basically about educate each of its members to live in harmony with nature, preserving and enjoying the environment that surrounds them, avoiding the felling of forests, preserving the outcrops or sources of water and promoting the land and crop improvement.

Mini farm in Your Own Home

It is essential to have space outside the house. Depending on the dimensions you can define the size of the mini-farm and the initial number of baby chicks. A good option for the commercialization of birds is to consult with restaurants, market of the community in order to offer the chickens to the greater, or perhaps you want to sell them at retail among the neighbors.

For the fattening of chickens it is convenient that the area is free of strong currents of air and that inside they are conditioned so that the Chicks do not get too cold, they must be kept at a suitable temperature so that they do not die before their time.
It should also be taken into account that a single person can take care of raising up to 70,000 chickens, with only a little help on a few days that is required.

If you have the opportunity to build a barn at home, we suggest this one, you could easily raise 100 broilers without any inconvenience and start your domestic Mini-Farm.


Handling of Baby Chickens for fattening.

A minimum of 4 liters. A drinker in the 1st. week. Then 1 drinker per week is increased up to the month (in total 4 drinkers for 100 chicks).

In the 1st. week, 1 trough of 80 cms. (in total 8 feeders for 100 chicks). It increases to ratio of 1 feeder per week until the month.

From the 1st. day to day 30 is given as a Starter Balanced feed.Consumption is 100 kgs. (4 bags) for 100 chickens during that period of time.From day 31 to 37, half of Balanced Starter (1 bag) and half of Ground corn. Consumption is 25 kgs. Balanced and 25 kgs. of ground corn during that period of time.Finally, the finisher chicken is given until it reaches its maximum weight and is ready for consumption.


🐥 Keep the place where the chickens are kept clean.

🐥Wash the drinkers frequently.

🐥Do not place chickens of different ages, mix small with large or medium, the litters must be the same.

🐥Sanitize the house or area before placing a new brood of chickens.

🐥Feeders and drinkers must always hold water and food.

🐥Carry out constant monitoring to verify the status of the litter.

The chickens for the Bread From Heaven eaters are very advanced, with just 10 days that they were acquired they are very healthy and gaining weight every day.


Now what can we do for you, how can we help you get started as a farmer, whether domestic or commercial?.We will have an open door available to help you, save you time and money, also guide you as the case may be:

1.-Broiler project manual in different modalities.
2.-Calculation of quantity of materials for structuring sheds
3.- Sheds maintenance and cleaning plans
4.- Calculation of Drinkers
5.- Calculation of feeders
6.- Structure of water tanks
7.-Lighting structure
8.- optimization of systems
9.- lighting calculation, among others
10.- Provision of water storage.

In the development of this community project we will share each advance with you, for all those who like the poultry theme or want to learn more about it.

Long live the children, long live peace.

Written by @ricci01 for @sc-v, with consulted sources and own material.




Production and work is what makes organized societies advance and improve. These types of projects help local economies and give sustenance to small towns. Producing is everyone's job, you have to make the most of resources, time and space. Excellent @Sc-v

Excelente proyecto

Definitely a great initiative to promote the consumption of healthy food and self-sustaining families, especially at this time when it is required due to the high cost of food, congratulations.

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