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Welcome to the HeartChurch Venezuela Blog.

Dear Community:

We hope that you are enjoying a special weekend with your loved ones, approximately three months ago we started the community project for the creation of mini poultry farms "Chicken Farms", based on the possibility that the children's dining rooms "Bread From Heaven" they were benefited with food regardless of the donations that they could reach.

In this incredibly difficult context that the world is facing due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, our interest is to promote sustainable consumption by families, encouraging communities to strengthen the productive apparatus with self-sustainability, poultry, agriculture, etc.

This week we met another goal of the proposals, we delivered 200 baby chicks to a family for breeding and fattening, they are of one of the best breeds, together with the vitamins and foods they require, a place was also prepared for it, it is worth mentioning This process lasts about 45 days, we are in the monitoring stage until we reach the proposed objectives.


We want to share some images of the process of acquisition of baby chicks, food, storage of medicines and vitamins that we have obtained among others, the idea is simply to enliven that spirit of production and multiplication that exists in each of us and that it can be expanded to other territories, applying a general theory and maximum efficiency in resource management can achieve great achievements.

In many countries, various researchers have linked agricultural and livestock systems with food security and with the alleviation of malnutrition and poverty, especially in disadvantaged families and with scarce economic and natural resources. poultry systems the ability to produce food for self-consumption, generation of monetary income for sale, contribution to other productive systems (agricultural), among others, in addition to generating roles within families that characterize their gender roles and that contribute for the productive units to be classified as family businesses due to their interactions with the environment that surrounds them. (Soler Fonseca, 2010).Read more

We are 100% in love with this project because we are recovering that sense of belonging that had been lost, it is like giving identity to the human being, beyond their abilities and their economic position, that is to say: that great things can be achieved with faith, love and work. When we use chickens to feed in the dining rooms, the children feel happy, because in Venezuela a poultry is expensive for the basic income, however, we are making the awareness of self-sustainability a reality.


When we start our journey on this platform we immediately think of the community, of the families of the earth, of leaving a legacy, of doing something to leave the world in a better place, we have a mission and a vision and we are carrying it out, with organization and by the hand of God we will bless many people throughout the world, a financial education with our great ally, the development of HeartFarms, and the use of resources in the real world we have high expectations, technology with purpose .

After looking for the baby chicks, we transfer the food and vitamins to the family in charge of taking care of them and feeding them for the next 45 days.


It should be noted that to have strong chicks vitamins are needed, the vitamins are administered in the water they drink, when they are transferred from the barn to the barn we supply them with sugar water for two hours, so that they stay hydrated.


Avisol is a mineralized polyvitamin concentrate with electrolytes, indicated for poultry raising. This product provides an adequate supply of nutrients in critical periods of stress, produced by the handling or diseases of the birds.

Vitamins A, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, H, Ascorbic, folic, nicotinic, citric acid, calcium, sodium, potassium pantothenate, excipients.

Dissolve 1 gram for every 2 liters of water. Administer in drinking water. The prepared solution should be changed every 24 hours and supplied for a period of no less than 3 days.

And ... the baby chicks arrived at their destination.


Feeders and drinkers were prepared.


Finally our community mission accomplished, now hope that in the next 45 days, these baby chicks reach a minimum weight of 2.5 kg, which will be ready for consumption and marketing.


We will have the Chicken Farms supervisors, visiting the families in charge and taking a control of the mini-farms, we hope to give you more details of the growth and installation of the mini-farms in the next publications.


Long live the children, long live peace.

Written by @ricci01 for @sc-v, with consulted sources and own material.

The funds raised are exclusively for the Bread From Heaven project, and mini poultry farms.

If you want to participate in the creation of a mini farm, you can get in touch through our telegram channel.

Thanks to all those who support our content


We invite you to know the new project of the Heart Farmscommunity, you can now auction your land to build the farm, a virtual system that will become a blessing for the whole family, using the Heart token.



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