BREAD FROM HEAVEN: Children's Dining Rooms, The Importance Of Cooking And Eating Together With Children.

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Welcome to the HeartChurch Venezuela Blog

Dear Community:

Following the route of the mobile canteens Bread From Heaven, last Saturday 19/06/2021 we had a special appointment with the children of the fishing village of Lecheria, Anzoátegui State, which belong to the "Boys Scouts, Juan Pablo II".


This initiative comes from the hand of our dear Apostol Darlenys Ugas through their community projects, as well as a team of wonderful people who have joined this cause among them: @xiore as CEO of the Company "Vástago", responsible for logistics and development of routes of dining rooms, and textiles, @xioran, coordinator of Bread From Heaven and @jorgelis23, Community Promoter of Chicken Farms, in addition to the great organizational collaboration of @felixgarciap.
This activity was attended by the coordinators of the Boys Scouts, members of the Rotary Club of Lecheria El Morro, LIC. Saida Guaita, Lic. Carelvis Ruiz and engineer Carmen Omaira Milano.


One of the important things in this dining room was that we were able to share a table with the children, and have nutritious food for them, having the scoop of our first Chicken Farms chickens.


The HeartChurch team in Venezuela emphasized that on this occasion they prepared the food that they shared with the children, including the snack, and that it is really a pleasure to serve and accompany the children.


We believe that God has given us the opportunity to survive in the midst of the crisis and the pandemic, as well as to benefit children who need support, more than a plate of food is to feel the love of God through us, it is to tell him that we are here even in the midst of adversity to calm his tenmore.


Darlenys shared an emotional message for the children praying that they will understand that gratitude to God will always be the most important thing, that they will always see Him as the one who provides and guards their lives.


On the other hand, the community promoter of the mini farms in this location @jorgelis23 commented that she is very excited to see that the dining halls can be self-sustainable through Chicken Farms, in fact, the children enjoyed a delicious chicken with vegetables, from HeartChurch's own farms, these are important achievements.


HeartChurch is a Christian movement that seeks to empower communities, the best example is to go out ourselves and do the work with love and excellence, and learning and growing as a community.


Personalized mouth covers were made for the children, on behalf of Vástago.


Really grateful to the members of Rotary Lecheria for the organization and support provided, a great team in a powerful work.


Long live the children, long live Peace.

Written by @ricci01 for @sc-v

The funds raised are exclusively for the Bread From Heaven project, and mini poultry farms.

If you want to participate in the creation of a mini farm, you can get in touch through our telegram channel.

Thanks to all those who support our content


We invite you to know the new project of the Heart Farmscommunity, you can now auction your land to build the farm, a virtual system that will become a blessing for the whole family, using the Heart token.



I support the social work BREAD OF HEAVEN with my donations, when I publish my articles in the Heartchurch community on Steemit. I am happy to be part of this work for the benefit of the children who are the future of the country and of humanity. Thank you @sc-v for this beautiful report.

Proverbs 22: 9 The generous will be blessed because he gives of his bread to the poor. The Bible.

Shared on my Twitter account #promo-steem #promosteem

Thank you very much for sharing dear @victoriaxl. Cheers.

Que hermoso proyecto y que gratificante es poder servirle a los demás tal como Dios nos manda a servir y no a ser servido, muy lindo el día que pasaron y estamos a la orden aquí en Barinas Venezuela

Nicely done, and keep up the good work. And I believe this project will be a huge success. Lovely post @sc-v

Que bella iniciativa, de verdad que aqui en venezuela hay muchos niños y familias necesitadas que no tienen alimentos en su mesa, muchas felicidades porque estos son los proyectos que merecen la aprobación

Soy de acuerdo.

Despite how hard everywhere is, you still manage to give to children and make them happy. May God bless everyone involved in the project

Bendecido día para todos @sc-v creemos que Dios seguirá abriendo puertas para albergar mas niños y sus deseos de trabajos tendrán la recompensa material y espiritual,

 2 years ago 

Excellent, ❤

Great seeing the heart farms and Bread From Heaven flourishing 🤓🙏
@xioran, @sc-v you are doing great work I pray may God in his infinite love bless you all. Oh I can see the smiles on the faces of those kids, so pleasant to see this good deeds from this community. God will reward you all🙏

May God continue to bless your hands and may he guide you to continue supporting those in need :D

This is awesome to know indeed

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