Tutorial-Easier: New Way to Create .jc Accounts.

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Creating a .JC Account at Heart Farms is now easier


Now thanks to the latest update of our HearFarms platform, the creation of the jc accounts for the parcels blessed with an enabled Red Heart, is easier. Thanks to the Telos technology and its fast and smart contracts, the process has become easier, since you only have to validate the transaction in your Telos wallet and the account creation is done as if by magic.

Thanks to our friend and main developer of HeartFarms @Crypto-investor, this update was possible, taking advantage of all the advantages that Telos and the eosio Software offer us as an advanced technology tool.

The process is very easy, the first thing is to start a session by linking HearFarms with our Telos wallet, in my case the SQRL.


We validate the login transaction and we are already inside with Active User permission.


We have already started a session with linking our Telos Wallet and HeartFarms.


Once inside the Form we create the username, remembering that it should not exceed 12 characters from a to z and from 1 to 5 including the terminal .jc.


We must safeguard our User passwords, in a safe place, remembering that the password of the Active Owner is the same Password for the new jc account to be created. We validate the transaction (There are two ways to validate the transaction, one is recommended and the other is feasible but less secure, since it is by directly entering your active password to the web browser where you are carrying out the transaction) again and voila, your .jc account is created.




Once our JC account was created, we started a session with the active private password and now within the parameters of the smart contract is claiming a refund for 1 HEART, so that we can make a transaction to create additional HEART blessings that have accumulated since May 30 of 2019.







For the 1 Heart Rebate and receive the heart blessings created since 2019.




The creation of the .jc account will permanently delete the Red Heart, turning it into an empty Heart, thus giving us to understand that this part of the smart contract is already consumed, and from now on to enjoy the advantages and blessings that HeartChurch and HearFarms they have for the world from our Beloved God.


"Special thanks to @Darlenys01 for all the support and commitment to the community and to the international Christian ministry HeartChurch, every good community deserves a good leader, our good friend @Sirknight will be very proud of this."

Places of interest:

HeartChurch (HeartChurch Official Site)
Heart Farm(Heart Farm Official Site)
Goldsmith.money(Site of financial guidance and blockchain technology.)
TLCC Consultants Pte. Ltd (Heart Farms Developer)



Telos Network: https://telos.net/



 3 years ago 

Thanks for that awesome tutorial! I hope it’ll help many to navigate their ways in participating in Heart Farm project.

Thanks for supporting HeartChurch.

Your current article is approximately 454 words and 100% unique

Thanks brother. God bless you!

 3 years ago 

Very important: You must be the owner of a land plot in order to use it to create a .jc account. There is no creating accounts without first owning a land plot with a Red Heart on it.

So how do I get a land?

Please how do I create a jc account and link it to my telos wallet

it's very easy friend. you must read the blog instructions well.

The first thing is to make a telos account and then acquire some hearts.

you must also have your telos wallet and purchase some ram so you can operate it. For this, ask not our apostle @Darlenys01 a little hearts and liquid telos.

Sir I have created a telos wallet but how do I acquire hearts

Hello Friend Greetings. To acquire some hearts and move your wallet you must also have some telos, for this write to our director hermaba @Darlenys01 and she will provide you with some. Good luck and god bless you

Muy util el post, sin embargo, llevo dias buscando algo que me oriente a como crear mi cuenta de telos, que debo hacer para comprar telos y como hago o como obtengo los heart?espero pueda ayudarme amigo querido

hola amiga disculpa la demora en responder he estado algo ocupado y no he tenido tiempo de estar muy en linea con mi cuenta, pero es muy sencillo, te dejare un enlace que explica muy detalladamente el proceso, luego que tengas la cuenta telos creada, debes escribir a la Administracion de Hearchurch en este caso a @Darlenys01 para que te proporcione un poco de telos liquido para ram y Tokens Heart. Espero puedas avanzar en tu proceso. Bendiciones. No dudes en preguntar o hacer cualquier comentario.


Muchas gracias por la respuesta amigo, recolectare algo de steem para realizar las ofertas ya que en este momento me encuentro equilibrando mi billetera para participar en el club5050

Thanks for this great information and lead on how to create a Telos account. But for me that neither have a Telos account or heart account or anyone from the HearthChurch community. What is the way forward? Asin which should I first start from please I need advice

First you must create a few telos and then acquire a few telos or hearts to make your auction in HeartFarms and when you have had your first land there you can have your telos account .jc

If you have more questions, contact me through the discord channel or the telgram channel and I will gladly answer you in time brother.

Thanks very much brother for your time. I will begin my account creation and contact you if I need hlep

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