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We need God's help because we live in an uncertain world where we go through adverse situations every day and where man escapes situations without finding an answer or solution to the problems that surprise us every day.

It is obvious that humanity needs God because the problems that afflict us cannot be solved by man and daily we hear people say: God help me!


We need God's help because we are beings that from the origin of life God has helped us because he has been our helper

We need God's help because we are weak and there are things that man cannot do, only God can help us; moreover he knows what men cannot know; Besides, he has offered us his help and if he has not offered it, it is because we need it.

Isaiah 41 10
10 Fear not, for I am with you; do not lose heart, because I am your God who strengthens you; I will always help you; I will always sustain you with the right hand of my justice

God has promised to help us and obviously he has done it how many times we have been helped by God, many times he has extended his mercy and grace to us in all humanity even without man asking for it God has been merciful and kind because his mercies are renewed every day , which means that they are new every day that gives us

We need God's help to be able to walk firmly in this uncertain world to be able to withstand the daily situations we face and we need him to give us strength and courage, faith and confidence to be able to overcome
It is impossible to live a full life without problems without burdens without mistakes without disappointments and not need God's help

God is our creator, he is our heavenly father, he is our savior, he is the one who gives us discernment so that we can understand the present times and live it wisely in his presence with peace, firmness, and hope.

The world without God is very sad... with God everything is different he motivates us he gives us strength when we feel weaker and together with his principles we can have peace in the midst of the storm


para muchos puede ser una pregunta sencilla pero increíblemente muchas personas no entienden que el Señor la fuente de todo en la vida, Jess dice en juan 15:5 el que permanece en mi este lleva mucho fruto porque separados de mi nada podéis hacer... Gracias por compartir esta palabra.

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