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Generally people use this word to "give thanks"
as a spontaneous, automatic response, a social convention that out of politeness and cordiality we do ex officio. It is an expression that closes the circle when something they have done for us, but often closes it in the wrong way.

However, today it corresponds to me to make use of this word from my heart to the Most High God for allowing me to live one more day of life, a special day for being my birthday, I thank God for having allowed me to be a daughter, wife, mother, sister, niece , friend ... for everything I have experienced. From the depths of my soul today I thank God for this day

Romans 11:36
Because all things proceed from him,
and they exist for him and for him.
To him be the glory forever! Amen.

Being alive and well next to my loved ones is an extraordinary reason to thank God, the universe, us our salvation and everything else, they are all things of God and work sustained by his power, and ultimately for his glory Therefore, the appropriate response of every creature is to offer God glory for all that he allows us to live and even when he grants us one more year of life.

Today I celebrate my life from the hand of God who supports me in all circumstances, who helps me in difficult moments and who supports me with his right hand when the burdens become heavy, I praise God with all my heart and I thank this special day for have the most precious thing he has given me: my family. To God be the glory and honor forever

Everything has not been easy but from the hand of God my burdens have been light Thank you God of my life for so much!


My wish on this day is that the will of God be fulfilled in the world and specifically in my life, which is good, pleasant and perfect. Our God is good and faithful always waiting on his promises and on his word

God has been good, God has been good. Thank you God of my story for everything

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Happy birthday dear Ricci we wish you from HeartChurch, hoping that God fulfills all your wishes and gives you many years here on earth to see his glory and power.

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Steemchurch, Amen grateful for your words. Blessings

Happy birthday @ricci01
As you celebrate today may heaven open and pour out it's blessings on you.enjoy your day ma'am

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@mybest, amen I receive these words of blessing, thank you very much. BLESSINGS

Happy birthday @ricci01, blessings on you. 🎂🎂🎂🤗🍿🌹

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@ lita2021, amen thank you very much. Blessings