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True friendship can be defined as one in which such a special relationship and connection is forged with another person that it can last for years. ... Thus, one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you is having a friend who will last you forever (wikipedia)


The concept of friendship occupies a large part of one of Aristotle's masterpieces, "Nicomachean Ethics." For Aristotle, friendship (philia) is a virtue because it is the most necessary for life "no one would want to live without friends, even having all the other good things." ... That is why the happy man needs friends.

Sincere friendship is a treasure is a relief and a force intertwined with firmness that lasts forever, for this reason friendship is something that is cultivated with sincerity and without its own benefits because whoever has a sincere friend finds a treasure

Many people say they have many acquaintances but not friends because really the sincere relationship between people has deteriorated and many today do not look favorably on friendship until they think that there are currently no friends, but if there are, there are few but we do find good people with good values ​​who start a friendship and special relationship with another person and cultivate it with perseverance because they have understood that having sincere friends is a treasure

It is for this reason that friendship is like a sowing since day by day we must take care of it and cultivate it because the enemy has always wanted to break good relations
The Bible tells us in the book of proverbs what God thinks of friendship and who truly is a friend

Proverbs 17:17
"A friend loves at all times,
And he is like a brother in time of trouble "


Sincere friendship is very valuable and enters as a relationship of brothers and more than brothers for that reason we must cultivate and give priority to our relationships of friends because they will be by our side in the best moments as well as in the worst as a friend or a sincere friend is loyal always wants good and not evil rejoices when it prospers and rejoices in its best moments

A friend is the one who cries with you when you go through pain and laughs when life smiles and prospers.

That is why God gives importance to friendship advising us that we should love a friend at all times because friendship is best demonstrated, not in good times, but in times of difficulty.

<John 15:13
No one has greater love than this, which is laying down his life for his friends

Spiritually our great friend is Jesus Christ since he laid down his life for us and there is no greater love than this act that Jesus did to lay down his life for his friends

The king loves and befriends the man with a pure heart and kind lips (Pr 22:11)

Sincere friendship is offered by a person with a pure heart, a sowing that begins in their relationship and ends with good fruits in interpersonal relationships with their friends.

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