¡Like the roar of many waters!

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God seals the prophecy of the vision that the apostle John looks to be revealed in the first book of the apocalypse with the authority of his name that will be seen as the rumble of many waters.

God is the authority of command in the universe because everything belongs to him and in recent times his word will be heard throughout the world to testify of his glory and majesty.

Revelation 1:15
15 and his feet like burnished bronze, glowing as in an oven; and his voice like the noise of many waters.


In the revelation of this verse given to the apostle John, the Bible tells us that John hears that in the last days that are soon to come, the gospel is heard as the roar of many waters, it is the right time for us to come to light with more force since when there is tribulation and opposition is when God glorifies himself with authority and majesty

Prepare yourself because we are at the gates the gospel will be heard as never in the entire history of the world, yourself yourself be part of this vigorous testimony that your lips are marked with supernatural fire and announce the gospel as a choir of proclaimers we will make it possible for the gospel to be heard as the rumble of many waters

We can not be silent today more than ever the world needs to know Jesus and proclaim his truth there is a spiritual hunger in human beings who do not know how to decipher but the gospel came to make humanity see their need for God for this time

If you and I who know the truth of God for the world go out to fulfill our mission, God will glorify Himself in a people who are hungry and thirsty to be free but do not know how to do it.

The time has come Today is the time to preach with longing and grace the word of God as the world waits for us

Remember that we are free because he made us free and the world also needs that freedom and only Jesus Christ makes man free


Hi @ricci01, great and insightful message! Thanks for sharing.

Greetings brother @oppongk, thank you very much for reading. Blessings

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