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Our life is a gift from God, he is our creator without a doubt. It is for this reason that many people who have believed in this great truth walk with faith and firmness in the face of life's adversities without stopping worrying about everything we go through but leaving everything in God's hands and resting in his peace because his trust keeps us in hope and comforts us

God's fidelity is absolute and you and I can trust in God's fidelity because he acts supernaturally in humanity in a special way with the intention of giving his grace to all those who believe him because God is the giver of life he is that keeps us alive and is always giving new opportunities to its creation to live a full life


God is the God of new opportunities, but you must take advantage of this time with prudence and wisdom that only God can provide.

Ephesians 5:16
Making good use of time, because the days are bad.

In this way, the Bible advises us to make the most of time, because simply time is the opportunity that God allows us to live as a gift that once he gives it, it is not repetitive; that is to say, each opportunity is a new time that God in his mercy allows us to live it so that we can do it with wisdom and once you and I let it pass it will not come back; Although our God is patient and kind, he gives us new opportunities every day. However he is into you and I take it

Dear friends, the times we are living are difficult times, they are bad times but in each of these circumstances God is working to give you a new opportunity with the intention that you can receive it and live with prudence and wisdom trusting in his word. Do you realize that men are wrong and science too and is even confused as the word of God affirms? So who will we trust where we will go if God has words of life and he wants the best for us

Do not waste your time, remember that every second, minute, hour that God allows you to live is a beautiful opportunity that our heavenly father allows us to access. Take advantage of it as a wise person, who has understood that life and the best opportunities come from God!

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