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Faith implies action, effort, dedication, courage...because faith without works is dead. faith needs to be exercised to achieve what is desired

Faith implies effort, since effort allows you to fight, it implies jumping barriers, removing obstacles, it means continuing forward, it is "one more step, the extra mile that we must walk before the final victory" although in some cases we feel afraid but we must not lose heart because it is faith that will allow us to act and win the battle.

God spoke many times to the men he used to achieve victories and encouraged them to be brave in order to obtain the promises that he had sworn to give to their fathers.

Joshua was one of the many men that God used and always encouraged him to be brave so that he would not faint along the way. In the same way, God commands us to strive and be brave to keep our faith, which will motivate us to act to be fed and achieve our goals.

Joshua 1:6
6 Be strong and courageous, for you will give this people the land as an inheritance, which I swore to their fathers that I would give to them.


Faith is not for sitting down, it is not for sitting with your arms crossed or looking from one side to the other, or living a mediocre life and waiting for things to happen because faith cannot work this way; faith works when we have God's conviction and we do everything possible to feed that faith with actions according to what we want to achieve

Sometimes we will need prayers, other times we will need to move and remove the barriers that do not allow us to move forward, but everything from the hand of God because if we move away from God we lose since he is the one who motivates us; Furthermore, Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of faith.

All the men and women of the bible approached God with faith to achieve his miracle; because they had to act and make determinations to be able to reach Jesus and touch his heart

Today you can touch the heart of God through faith and fill your heart with motivation and hope from him; but remember that along the way we will find limitations but God will give us the strength and grace to remove those obstacles and achieve our victory

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