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Life is full of processes since from the moment we are born until we physically cease to exist, we live stages full of processes and learning which will be a lesson to determine our actions or attitudes and that are really essential for us to develop personally or individually, but each of them has a purpose


In life you are going to face many processes, but those processes must be a learning process to promote our character and our identity and you must be confident that God is in control of each stage

God is our creator, he is our great maker, our heavenly father who takes care of each one of us and sustains us in every stage lived showing his love and mercy at every moment and extends his love and compassion when we need it most.

God knows from the first day, until the last of your process and your life, he is not distant from our processes and he knows for everything that as humans we go through on this earth, so many times suffering is a key to unfold the power of God and pour out his mercy in each stage that we live

Hebrews 13:5
... because he said: I will not forsake you, nor will I leave you

God has promised not to forsake us and those who embrace this promise live hopeful and motivated anchored every day to a new dawn where God's mercies are renewed and strengthen the person's state of mind

As Christians we anchor prayer, hope, trust when tribulation comes, by faith I cling to his ways and his promises.

Today I invite you to trust in God to rest in his promises to put in his hands every stage you live and every process you go through. With God everything is easier, without God things become stronger and we suffer more since God is the strength of the Christian

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