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Pray these prayers in the holy ghost and in your understanding. 1Corrintians 14:14. Eph.6:18-20.

  1. Father thank you for our last week services and for every testimony you wrought in our lives we give You all the glory in the name of Jesus Christ. Psalm 28:5.

  2. Father in the name of Jesus Christ we decree that your peace reign in this country, let there be an end to all the troubles in this nation and let every evil one troubling this nation Nigeria be troubled in the name of Jesus. Psalm 35:1-2.

  3. Father in the name of Jesus we receive new ideas, new grace, new understanding over the works of our hand from now, we shall not lack ideas for financial breakthrough and for Blossoming in the name of Jesus Christ. Isaiah 32;15.

  4. Father in the name of Jesus Christ send the right word and cause it to be forcible for accomplishment in the lives of every member of this great house from now as we receive your word. Job 6:25.

  5. Father in the name of Jesus, cause this house to be filled with the revelation of the truth that Strengthens and set free from all affliction of the devil, grant access to revelation by the blood of Jesus Christ. Phil 3:10.

  6. I decree right now by the authority in the blood of Jesus and in that name Jesus, every one monitoring my life for evil, every spirit assigned against my success, my progress, my family, against my peace, against my joy and all the goodness of God over me be destroyed and consumed by fire now in the name of Jesus. Rev 12:11.

  7. Father in the name of Jesus Christ let every pit dug for me bury those who dug it, let evil news be their daily experience, let the cry of sorrow be the portion of my enemies in the name of Jesus, every evil planned against me return back over them seven times in the name of Jesus. Isaiah 53:15-17.

  8. Jesus by your mercy and by your blood rescue every captive of the enemy in our midst and let oppressed go free tonight , right now we release every one under pressure, bondage of fear, in debt, in torment of any kind we release them right now in Jesus name. Acts 12:5.

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