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God promised a savior to the sinful world
In the form of man, he sent his son to come
Yeshua is the savior, Emmanuel is he,
The power of God is the same today as it was from the beginning.

He’s with me all days
He’s with me all times
He’s my loving friend and
My savior all the time.

God promised Abraham and Sarah a son,
Though they were surprised but they didn’t know what to say,
Little did they know what God is capable of
At their old age they had a miracle child.
But the power of God is still the same today.

When in the wilderness, the children of God
demanded water from Moses,
Moses was amazed and didn’t know what to do
But God instructed him to use his rod, and there was water.
The power of God is the same today.


Pharoah’s army rose against the children of God
Though they were afraid and didn’t know what to do
At the command of God, the sea parted.
The children of God walked through, as if on dry ground
The power of God is the same today.

When you are distressed, in tears, and in great need
That you don’t know what to do,
Listen child of God and remember that God is still alive.
The power of God is the same.

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