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There are two groups of people in the world today; those who constitute themselves as spectacles and those who stay as mere spectators. There are those who make things happen and there are those who watch things happen. The truth of life remains that those who watch things happen are much more than those who make things happen.

There are the players and the onlookers. It is common knowledge, that on a football pitch, they may be just twenty-two players on the field, but tens of thousands of spectators. The same is true in the game of life. Where do you belong? The spectacles or the spectators?.

It is interesting to know that God has raised us up primarily as spectacles, both to men and to angels. Men out of ignorance, discouragement, bad attitude, evil habits, short sightedness, laziness, mediocrity and such the like; have long shifted ground, turning themselves into onlookers and spectators in the game of life. God releases grace unto all men to get to their maximum in life.

Why leave your track to watch others run on their own track, simply wishing you had an opportunity to be like them? What an evil under the sun! It is a pity for anyone to live below his or her disposed strength and potentials.


You have been divinely configured as a spectacle; don’t let the enemy “panel beat” you into becoming a spectator. As a child of God, your life is meant to be an attraction. When your life generates results; men will ordinarily be attracted to you. The power of God for results is available to you. Believe in God and believe in yourself. No matter what you have gone through that has caused you set back; you can pursue, overtake and recover on any path God has positioned you. It is really not over until it is over.

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