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One day a man came to Jesus Christ, the great physician requesting his attention to heal his sick daughter. While He is still speaking to Christ , some men came from his house to inform him that his daughter was already dead hence there was no need to worry the master Christ Jesus" Yet Jesus, at once hearing yet disregarding (ignoring) the message being then spoken, continues saying to the synagogue ruler, "Stop being caused to fear; only continue trusting (or: progressively believe; repeatedly use faith)."

Has bad news superseded your expectations of a miracle? It's a setup! When you thought you had presented the matter to God and He assured you that help was on the way, an evil report tries to short circuit the expected miracle. The intended outcome is to cause you to fear. Once there is fear, trust leaves. Once trust leaves, it is all over (remember that it is impossible to please God without trust). You only trust when you cannot see it. If you can see it, you don't need to trust because it is already evident to your senses. Trust implies that you are taking the word of the one you are trusting that He will do as He said because He can do as He said. Fear pushes all that away.


In circumstances like this (they will always come), do exactly what Y'shua did. If you hear or overhear, ignore it. Don't take cognisance of it. Disregard it and count the one who gave you His word as having the final say. Keep trusting and don't give room to fear. He who gave you His word is faithful and will bring His word to pass as long as you please Him by trusting what He has told you. Don't succumb to the evil report. Treat it like you treat a lie. Run it out of town and receive the reward.

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