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Hello, good day everyone @peckypeace. Welcome to another wonderful day God has made us to see. I hope you are blessed today. Am a new member in heartchurch, am glad joining this group because it changes live, motivate and inspires life.

Many people has faced a situation and said, there is no way this can ever be? Maybe some of this thoughts weigh on your mind.
 There is no way I can handle this pressure at work.
 There is no way I can pay my bills at the end of the month.
 There is no way I can get married
 There is no way I can get my house in order
 There is no way I can start a new business.
 There is no way I can bring up my children in a Godly way.
 There is no way I can go to college.

I want to let you know that there is a way which is Jesus, if only you will look up to Him. Though you will pass through difficulties, failure, shame, and setback. I want to assure you, Never give up, no matter how the situation maybe. No matter what you are going through there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Hold on and trust God.

Never give up on your health. I realized so many people do not take care of themselves, they don’t eat healthily, and they don’t drink enough water, exercise regularly or take enough rest. Due to this, they have health issue.
Never give up on your finances. So many are battling to pay their debts, struggling to pay their children’s fee, struggling to save money in their account but there is no way. I want to assure you, there is a way if only you will not give up.

Never give up on your family or your love ones, so many marriages crumble because there is no love. Husbands are no more loving their wives even children are no more respecting their parent because of one issue or the other they began to give up. Love never fails and love never give up on people. People give up on their love ones because of character.
Failure is a stepping stone to success. If you want to succeed in this live you must make mistakes, making mistakes does not mean you are a failure it open ways for you to forge ahead and stand your ground in future. People give up because they fail or make mistakes. Always speak positive to yourself. .

In conclusion, I encourage you never give up in whatever thing you are doing. The bible says in Matthew 19:26-27. With God all things are possible. Hold on and trust God. Thanks.
Thank for reading my post. God bless you and keep you.
By @peckypeace.


Thank you Peace for this awesome contribution to the Heartchurch community. Indeed, giving up shouldn't be an option for a believer when we know of the precious promises of God toward us.

Thanks sir. I hope so. God will help us not give up on the precious thought of God towards us.

Indeed one should never give up on his or her loved once no matter the situation, because Christ never give up on us,
Thanks@peckypeace for this wonderful post. And you are welcome to the steemchurch community 🙏❤️

Welcome to the community, we are here to support you. !

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