The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

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In a messed up country where corruption and robbery is the order of the day, even going on a journey requires being sensitive with who is driving and you even start thinking if all the passengers in the bus are together with the driver against you. Its so hard to sleep in such bus because you never can tell what to expect and especially when you re the only male or especially female in such bus. Sigh

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is similar to the driver taking you to your destination whether known or unknown. If the Holy Spirit is your driver through your life journey, you can be double sure that your journey is secured.

The road might be rough and long but be sure of your confidence in breaking through successfully. Note that your life is not exactly like that of anyone else. You are you so do not learn from others to make your decisions.

Make the Holy Spirit your companion. Let Him be the driver of your life. Even if He takes you through unfamiliar routes, He knows what He is doing. Just trust Him.

Thanks so much for reading
I remain my humble self @oredebby

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