Cool Your Temper | What Anger Can Do

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Hello family. Hope you all are doing great today. Something about anger that we should all know is that it makes us say hurtful words to the other party we are involved in. Also note that the anger we have towards people do not last long but the words we say while angry stays and some words cannot be take back again.

This is to encourage us to watch what we say when angry. I would have advised we do not get angry at all but that doesn't seem possible because even the bible says "Be angry, but do not sin." So whenever we come across anything that makes us angry, let us just try hard to cool our temper so as not to release hurtful statements to others.

Some homes have broken, some marriages have, some friendships, even among us here on hive blockchain all in the make of anger resulting to hurtful words which we sometimes do not mean. But guess what, no one will believe you didn't mean them. So cool your temper and all will be well.

Thanks so much for reading
Till I come your way next time
I remain my humble self @oredebby

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