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In Psalms 5:2, David made a wonderful discovery. He discovered that prayer is very essential to anyone who wants to be victorious in life. Not only that, the fellow to whom we direct our prayers is even more important. In 2 Kings 6:26-27, we found a woman who channel her prayer to the King of Israel when she was in trouble.

Thank God the king was wise enough to redirect her attention to the Almighty God. We must direct our prayers to the right fellow.

Luke 18:1-8 paints a true picture of where we should direct our prayers.

Only the Almighty God knows how long it took the unrighteous judge to consider this poor widow. However, the woman didn't relent in asking.

The lesson we should learn from this story is that had the woman channeled her prayers to the Almighty God, she wouldn't have suffered from the disinterest of the judge. We should however also learn perseverance from this widow.

Who are you channeling your prayers to?, If it is your pastor, although he is the Lord's representative, you are missing it, or is it the government of your country?, No government of this world can sufficiently solve your problem. The King of Samaria was very honest enough to tell the woman who came to him for help that he himself was helpless.

When we seek solutions to our issues from people, we are making a god out of them. Seeking solutions from people rather than the Almighty God leads to frustration. Put your trust in the Lord who gives generously without upbraiding; He will surely help you.

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