The sure source of help

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A lot of Christians see idolatry or idolatry as something not happening in our modern age, or only affecting people in very remote parts of the planet , and so they do not pay close concentration to what the Spirit of the Lord is saying about it.

May I announce to you that idolatry isn't almost worshipping idols, it comes in several forms and may indeed be very subtle.

One form in which idolatry expresses itself today is the attitude of desiring help from powers other than God Almighty.

When we get help from the other source, our loyalty will gradually begin to shift towards such powers that be.

Imagine a wife of a superb baker getting to beg for a loaf of bread from a bachelor living nearby , when she has access to her husband’s entire bakery.

This paints a reasonably good picture of what it means of God once we His children look from Him to other creators of His, including the devil and his agents, for help.
The most painful thing here is that lasting help doesn't come from such places. The wife in our example can get a loaf of bread from the bachelor and still run out of bread, but she will get a continuous supply of bread from her husband’s bakery if only she depend on him alone as her source.
God can meet your peculiar must the previous detail and provide all of your desires.

The only sure source of assistance is the Almighty God, with whom there's no impossibility.

Here is God’s unchangeable promise to His children in

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for i'm with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,

Where are you looking for help? it's an excellent mistake if you're not looking towards the Almighty God. I encourage you to have faith in God and ask Him for the help you urgently need.

Cast all of your cares upon your heavenly Father, asking Him to please send you help from His throne of grace.