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A lot people don’t know the difference between being a serving-leader and a servant-leader. A very good example of a serving leader is our Lord Jesus .

He served till the top of His earthly ministry and continues to serve even at the proper hand of power in heaven.

He is not a servant; He acknowledged His status as Lord and Master.

Unfortunately, many people want to make servants out of their God-ordained leaders.
Leaders are meant to serve but to not be subjected to servitude! This is what I relate to as the “abuse of a leader”.

Some folks use their leaders to their selfish advantage, and when such a leader dies, they jump over to another leader who they will also use to death! King Saul may be a exemplar of a servant-leader.

When he was accused with his disobedience to God. The people he was supposed to guide were the ones controlling him, and by his admission, he feared them.

When a serving-leader becomes a servant-leader, people begin to wonder, “Who is leading who?” God is not the author of confusion; this is often why He always appoints a pacesetter who He relates with and thru whom He passes instructions to His people.

Our Lord Jesus makes it clear that there is a difference between a servant and a friend. A servant is restricted , whereas a lover features a deeper relationship. This distinction is that the reason why leaders appointed by God can't be servants.

Followers should be sincere enough to not attempt to make servants of their God-ordained leaders. Such leadership won't do them any good, and that they might not be spared when these servant-leaders, whom they need badly influenced, receive their judgment from God.

Some badness-makers who like to manipulate their leaders to do their bidding would always advocate for servant-leadership because they don’t want leaders; they would rather have a stooge who they can use for their selfish interest.

This arrangement is common within the political arena , and can't serve the interest of the people. If you're in such a situation, remember you'll give an account of your service to God and to not a godfather.