Searching Or Waiting

in HeartChurch2 months ago (edited)

We live looking and waiting, looking every time we want to achieve and waiting when nothing works for us, a great difficulty to analyze at this time, because sometimes waiting is good but sometimes not, sometimes looking can also be good and sometimes not so good, then this is when we say that everything will depend on the situation in which you find yourself. But the truth is that people who set goals, who have dreams will never sit and wait, people who want to be prosperous, who want to be a blessing to others, productive people will always seek.


An effective person will always look for the motivation he needs to go ahead, he will look for inspiration and will not resign himself to wait for an opportunity to come, because he will be in a constant search, persistent people always achieve what they propose because they never give up, and it is not that they go against the will of God, but they seek in every possible way that blessing.

Sometimes we are processed and waiting is necessary, but that does not mean that you wait resigned, people looking for more, every day of waiting will be a day of opportunity, a day of achievement, a day where the miracle can come, where you can get that great idea that lifts them to a new level.

If you are one of the group of people who fight every day to achieve their projects, to meet their goals, who are always going one step further, then you are a winner, a winner, and although sometimes you have to wait in the silence of God, even in that silence you will find the answers necessary for inspiration to come to you again and creative ideas can rain, you were made in the image and likeness of God, therefore you have the capacity for this.

Although sometimes the wait comes from God, it does not mean that you stop looking, because that conquering and enterprising nature runs through your veins, through your whole being, you never give up, never get tired of looking and waiting, combine these two actions and become that person you dream of.



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