It shall Always be well With the Righteous

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Psalms 37:26 At all times he is gracious, and lends; and his seed is a blessing.


A righteous person is one who obeys the word of God, knows it and lives it, puts it into action, his behavior is just as God establishes it, we do not speak of perfection but rather of someone who is willing to live in obedience in spite of any situation.

In this verse we can appreciate the work of the righteous, how faith is actively producing works, it is not that one is saved by works but that faith will evidently produce works, and this translates into blessing for all his descendants.

The bible gives us a clear example of the righteous, for example it is said that Noah was a righteous man, this is so because Noah obeyed and put into practice the word of God. He will always reward those who work and act correctly.
We must submit to God's will, believe and trust in Him in order to take hold of His word and obey it, a righteous person will always act as Jesus would.

To have mercy is not to feel pity, it is to be moved by love and to assist the needy, it is to practice love and compassion, a righteous person will always feel compelled to move in favor of others, he knows the need of the other and covers it. And all those around him, his own, will also be people of blessing.

Blessing others with what God has given us is the best way to give back and be grateful for what we have received, being righteous guarantees us an endless number of beatitudes established in the bible.

When you believe in God you will see life in a different way, you will feel compassion for people, your help will never be lacking, your faith is what justifies you, what makes you act in a different way to a perverse world and increasingly sunk in evil. It is through the Holy Spirit of God that you can perceive and give love, understand the need of others and do your best to respond to that need.

The bible says that there is no righteous forsaken nor of his seed that begs bread, that it shall be well with the righteous, therefore let us faithfully obey his word and hope in him every day, doing good and showing mercy without fainting.



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